chloe’s ultimate tokyo reading experience – travel diary

a little note: this post is a bit image-heavy, so i’d recommend reading it on my blog using a computer instead of viewing it on the wordpress reader or on your phone.

hello internet people! i’m back from my tokyo trip, and i can’t wait to share my experience with you all.

tokyo was, as expected, amazing. the streets were so clean and aesthetic, and the people there were really polite. also, the food was scrumptious (actually, i think i’ve gained a few pounds, lol.)

and… this brings us to part two of #chloesultimatetokyoreadingexperience 🙂 + pssst, here’s the first post in my ultimate tokyo reading experience series for those of you who are interested.

(i forgot to mention this in my last post, but i did not go to tokyo alone – a big thank you to my grandma and mom for accompanying me on this trip. also, kudos to mom for planning everything out beforehand ♡)


at approximately 6 am, we landed at tokyo narita airport. i was really tired, because our flight was at 1 am and so i only slept for 5 hours. two months ago, my braces were taken off, and since we were flying at night, i had to put my night retainer on. that made eating really inconvenient, so i didn’t eat anything and when i got off the plane, i was practically starving.

after we got our bags, we bought skyliner tickets to shinjuku, where we would be staying for the next few days. as previously mentioned, i was exhausted, so i slept during the whole train ride.

when we arrived at shinjuku, i was already getting major warcross vibes. there was a giant tv right opposite our hotel, and there was loud j-pop blaring from the speakers. the streets were lined with vending machines and i could see people doing tricks on their skateboards.

after dropping off our luggage, we took the train to suga shrine, where one of the scenes from the japanese film kimi no na wa (your name) was taken from. in case you were wondering – yes, that’s the iconic red staircase from the movie.

i’m a huge fan of kimi no na wa, and it was a magical experience seeing one of the scenes in real life. p.s. if you haven’t seen the movie, you’re missing out on something truly phenomenal. go. watch. it. the illustrations and storyline were amazing.

suga shrine 須賀神社

nearest train station: yotsuya-sanchome 四谷三丁目

location: 5番地 sugacho, shinjuku city, tokyo 160-0018

after that, we had tori shio ramen (noodles in a salty chicken broth). the ramen restaurants in hong kong usually specialize in shoyu or tonkotsu ramen, and i rarely get to eat shio ramen, so of course i had to try it in japan! it was so delicious.

toritonkotsuichigaku 鶏豚骨 一學

nearest train station: yotsuya-sanchome 四谷三丁目

location: 日本〒160-0004 tokyo, shinjuku city, 新宿区yotsuya, 3 chome−9, 四谷アゼリアビル

as soon as we finished lunch, we went to takeshita street by train. takeshita street is a vibrant shopping street with stores selling the most adorable apparel. some of my favorite japanese clothing brands, including but not limited to wego, repipi armario and lovetoxic, have branches there, and i spent hours shopping there. we don’t have these stores in hong kong, so the only option for purchasing clothes from these brands is buying from their webstore. unfortunately, online shopping costs a lot more, and shipping fees are expensive as well. it was amazing – instead of scrolling through listings, i got to go into the physical stores and pick out my favorite clothes right from the racks.

takeshita street 竹下通り

nearest train station: harajuku 原宿

location: 1 chome-17 jingumae, shibuya city, tokyo 150-0001

after walking under the scorching sun and among the sweaty crowds for so long, we were all craving a drink. for this, we went to apeach café in shibuya – and it was so pretty. there were apeach stuffed toys and other products everywhere, and cute peach drinks and donuts were sold in the café area.

being a boba addict, of course i had to order the brown sugar boba drink. it was not bad, but not exceptionally good, so i don’t really have anything to say about its taste – it’s just a really average cup of boba, but the packaging was so cute and insta-worthy.

there was also a coloring area where people could get apeach coloring sheets and hang them on the walls after they’re done coloring it in. fun fact: in kindergarten, coloring was my least favorite activity, but over the years i’ve grown to love this peaceful and soothing activity. 😀

apeach omotesando

nearest train station: meiji-jingumae ‘harajuku’ 明治神宮前 〈原宿〉

location: 日本〒150-0001 tokyo, shibuya city, jingumae, 4 chome−25−9 b-town c棟 1・2/f

some views and sights on the way to shibuya crossing

my mom did some research and found out there’s a starbucks right above shibuya crossing where we could get a perfect view of the crossroads. the starbucks was packed with many photographers and curious onlookers, and everyone was super polite and considerate and made sure they weren’t blocking anyone. seeing so many teeny tiny people crossing the road was such a unique experience!

later, i got to be part of the magic by walking across the shibuya crossing myself to get to the train station. i’d never been surrounded by so many people before – and they were all walking in different directions! it was confusing and impressive at the same time.

shibuya crossing 渋谷スクランブル交差点

nearest train station: shibuya 渋谷

location: 日本〒150-0042 tokyo, shibuya city, 1 chome−22, 道玄坂

for dinner we returned to shinjuku and had shabushabu (しゃぶしゃぶ), which is a japanese-style hot pot. the food was (*fails to find a synonym for “amazing”*) amazing – the thinly sliced beef and the broth-soaked vegetables were so tasty. my particular favorite was the flat udon – i’ve never had anything like it before – it was broad and chewy and so ridiculously delicious. :’)

mo-mo-paradise (kabukicho) モーモーパラダイス (歌舞伎町本店)

nearest train station: shinjuku 新宿

location: 日本〒160-0021 tokyo, shinjuku city, kabukicho, 1 chome−20−1 ヒューマックスパビリオン新宿歌舞伎町 8/f


on day two, we woke early and had breakfast at a japanese chain café called doutor.

doutor coffee shop (nishishinjuku 1 chome)

nearest train station: shinjuku 新宿

location: kowa building, 日本〒160-0023 tōkyō-to, shinjuku-ku, nishishinjuku, 1-chōme−23−2

right after breakfast, we rode the train to sensō-ji, which is one of tokyo’s most iconic and oldest buddhist temples. there were so many tourists, and some of them were wearing flowery and vibrantly colored kiminos. i decided not to visit in a kimono though, because it was really hot.

between the two gates of the temple, there’s a shopping street with shops selling lucky charms and japanese keychains. they were a bit overpriced, to be honest, but the things they were selling were adorable and of a wide variety – there were kimonos for dogs, daruma doll chopsticks and traditional japanese masks.

sensō-ji 浅草寺

nearest train station: asakusa 浅草

location: 2 chome-3-1 asakusa, taito city, tokyo 111-0032

after visiting the temple, we took a bus to tokyo skytree, which is the world’s tallest tower (i thought it was the burj khalifa in dubai, but apparently it’s the world’s tallest structure, not the world’s tallest tower. huh.)

there’s a little mall right beside the tower, and we had lunch at one of the sushi restaurants there. the seafood was really fresh and the sushi was freshly made by the sushi masters, right in front of us. my favorite was the abalone sushi.

kaiten sushi toriton 回転寿し トリトン

nearest train station: tokyo skytree とうきょうスカイツリー

location: 〒131-0033 tokyo, sumida city, oshiage, 1 chome−1−2 東京スカイツリータウン・ソラマチ6/f

the mall was huge, and there were some pretty interesting shops. there was a store selling different kinds of salts – and the best part was that there were free samples! there was also another shop selling dairy products and ice cream, and i tried their milk ice cream and fresh milk. it was so good. as a milk enthusiast, i strongly approve.

tomorakuna 63℃ 東毛酪農 63℃

nearest train station: tokyo skytree とうきょうスカイツリー

location: 日本〒131-0045 tokyo, sumida city, oshiage, 1 chome−1−2 東京ソラマチ 4/f イーストヤード

after shopping, we went up to tokyo skytree. the view was breathtaking. i’m not going to say much about it, because my words cannot do justice to how enchanting the view was – just look at these pictures (。♥‿♥。):

we waited for the sun to go down to get a glimpse of nighttime tokyo from up above. it was a looooong wait – the sun finally set at around 7 pm, and i snapped a few photos. (i didn’t bring my camera along with me though, which was a shame, since my pathetic iphone 7 camera can only capture grainy shots in a dark environment).

tokyo skytree 東京スカイツリ

nearest train station: tokyo skytree 東京スカイツリ

location: 1 chome-1-2 oshiage, sumida city, tokyo 131-0045日本

we had shabushabu again for our second dinner. this time, on top of japanese hot pot, we had yakiniku (焼き肉), which is japanese barbecued meat. you see, i wasn’t kidding when i said i might have gained a few pounds.

rokkasen 六歌仙

nearest train station: shinjuku 新宿

location: 日本〒160-0023 tokyo, shinjuku city, nishishinjuku, 1 chome−3−1 新宿サンフラワービル


on day three, i didn’t have breakfast.

i was still feeling really full from the previous night’s dinner, and so was my mom. we waited for my grandma to finish her breakfast, then the three of us headed to shiba park.

the park’s located right opposite the infamous tokyo tower (東京タワー), and it’s soo pretty. there were preschoolers sitting on the grass having picnics. it was like something out of a movie or a beautifully illustrated picture book.

shiba park 芝公園

nearest train station: 芝公園 shibakōen eki

location: 4 chome-8-14 shibakoen, minato city, tokyo

after our mini “photoshoot” at shiba park, we traveled to toyosu market for lunch and had seafood rice (海鮮丼). the raw fish was so fresh and i loved the soft, squishy texture of the sea urchin.

kaisendon ooedo 海鮮丼 大江戶

nearest train station: shijo-mae市場前

location: 日本〒104-0045 tokyo, koto city, toyosu, 6 chome−5−1 水産仲卸売場棟 3/f

then, we went to the actual market area of toyosu market. unfortunately, its iconic daily fish auction sessions were already over, and we couldn’t watch people bid on fresh seafood. however, there were pictures lining the walls telling us all about toyosu market and tsukiji fish market, which the newer market replaced, and i learnt a lot about the operation of the market as well as its history.

toyosu market 豐洲市場

nearest train station: shijo-mae市場前

location: 6 chome-3 toyosu, koto city, tokyo 135-0061

after filling up our good ol’ bellies and exploring the market, we rode the train to teamlab borderless, a one-of-a-kind digital art exhibition. the exhibits were unlike anything i have ever seen before, and some of them were even interactive! my favorite exhibit – the forest of resonating lamps only let us explore for less than five minutes though, and that was kind of disappointing – we only had time to quickly snap a few pics of each other before we were ushered out.

teamlab borderless チームラボ ボーダレス

nearest train station: aomi 青海

location: 日本〒135-0064 tokyo, koto city, aomi, 1 chome−3−8 お台場パレットタウン

it was already late afternoon when we left teamlab borderless. our next stop was the tokyo statue of liberty, which i didn’t know existed until last week! it is a small replica of the original statue of liberty overlooking tokyo bay.

the sun was starting to set when we reached our destination. the sky was what i like to call cotton candy colors – it was tinged with hues of orange and pastel purple, and it was so beautiful. i haven’t been to new york, so i can’t say which one’s the better lady liberty, but the tokyo statue of liberty is definitely one of the most gorgeous landmarks i’ve ever visited.

statue of liberty 自由の女神像

nearest train station: odaiba-kaihinkōen お台場海浜公園

location: japan, 〒135-0091 tokyo, minato city, daiba, 1 chome−4, 台場海浜公園内

when we returned to shinjuku, it was already 8 pm. we roamed about and did some shopping, then had dinner at a small ramen store. the ramen broth was SO. GOOD – it was so creamy and rich and milky and flavorful, and omg i want it delivered to my doorstep right now! it’s that good.

hakata tenjin 博多天神

nearest train station: shinjuku 新宿

location: 1 chome-23-12 kabukicho, shinjuku city, tokyo 160-0021日本

after that i went and bought some fried chicken from lawson, which my friend recommended to me. i loved it – it was surprisingly good.

when we got back to the hotel, we started packing, preparing for our departure the next day.

day four 19/6/19 – shinjuku

our final day.

our train to narita airport was scheduled at 15:30, so we decided to stay in shinjuku until then. we did some shopping, bought some cosmetics and skincare products, and did some more exploring. (also have i mentioned how pretty japanese beauty products are? everything’s pink in color. i’m obsessed.)

our lunch was huuuuge. there was so much seafood.

my favorites were the miso crab paste and the abalones. they tasted so fresh and i want more omg (。´ ‿`♡) however there was also something i didn’t like about the restaurant – people were allowed to smoke in there and the smell of the cigarette smoke made me feel unwell. but, other than that, the meal was fantastic.

isomaru suisan 磯丸水產

nearest train station: shinjuku 新宿

address: 日本〒160-0022 tokyo, shinjuku city, shinjuku, 3 chome−17−13 雀の伯父さんビル 1/f-4/f

after our meal, we went back to our hotel to retrieve our bags, and headed to shinjuku station to catch our train to the airport.

okay, to be honest? i don’t know how to end this post. so i’ll just conclude it with three words – TOKYO WAS AMAZEBALLS. and you are amazeballs too, for reading until the end.

have you ever been to tokyo? if you haven’t, is it on your travel bucket list? what’s your favorite japanese dish? let me know in the comments! ♡


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