monthly marshmallows – july 2019

whew, what a month! i love july, because it marks the end of school and the beginning of the summer, and it flew by so fast! i can’t imagine i’ll be going back to school soon 😦


in july, i read twenty books, and at the same time, completed my goodreads reading challenge! a large portion of the books i read were for #thereadingrush2019, and i surprised myself by reading seven books in seven days. my parents weren’t happy to know that i stayed up until 2 am to finish my goals lol. i’m pretty pleased with my progress, and the quality of the books i read, especially dear ijeawele, or a feminist manifesto in fifteen suggestions by chimamanda ngozi adichie, which is now one of my all-time favorites.

these are the books i read:

and as per usual, here’s a short summary of my thoughts:

  • the cat man of aleppo by karim shamsi-basha & irene latham, illustrated by yuko shimizu – ★★★★★ || a beautiful, heartwarming story, based on true events, told in pictures and simply-structured paragraphs.
  • hello girls by brittany cavallaro & emily henry – ★★★★ || not what i expected, but turned out amazing ; i loved the humorous writing. [my review]
  • kingdom soul by brittni chenelle – ★★★.5 || this was better than the first book, but i didn’t like the romance that much.
  • natalie tan’s book of luck and fortune – ★★★★ || so many mouthwatering dishes!! and i loved the magical realism.
  • pax by sara pennypacker, illustrated by john klassen – ★★★★ || a sweet book about friendship, courage, and letting go, with some similarity to the movie a dog’s way home, but with an unexpected twist at the end.
  • that summer by sarah dessen – ★★★★ || a quick read about change and growing up, wasn’t as bad as i imagined it would be.
  • naomi and ely’s no kiss list by rachel cohn & david levithan – ★★★ || i really liked the platonic rep in this book, but the writing style really wasn’t my cup of tea.
  • not the girls you’re looking for by aminah mae safi – ★★★ || this one started out a bit slow for me, but i loved the last few chapters, and messy but amazing friendships.
  • dear ijeawele, or a feminist manifesto in fifteen suggestions by chimamanda ngozi adichie – ★★★★★ || a short book of essays about feminism, written in letter form ; absolutely brilliant.
  • since you asked by maurene goo – ★★ || umm i didn’t really like this one ; this was unlike the other maurene goo books i’ve read and the writing was kind of weird somehow??
  • moxie by jennifer mathieu – ★★★★★ || an amazing feminist novel about girls fighting back against sexism – this made me so happy!
  • in paris with you by clémentine beauvais – ★★★ || the translations were a bit strange and that kind of ruined my reading experience :((
  • the true confessions of charlotte doyle by avi – ★★★★ || this book has been on my tbr for over four years, and i finally read it. loved the character development in this.
  • short stories from hogwarts of power, politics and pesky poltergeists by j.k. rowling – ★★★★★ || i haven’t realized how much i missed rowling’s subtle humor until picking up this book.
  • café escape by 樂兒 – ★★★★★ || an adorable magical realism story about the small things different people are escaping from in everyday life
  • kiss me in paris by catherine rider – ★★★★ || a super cute romance set in the city of love ; i liked it, but not as much as kiss me in new york.
  • the wind in the willows by kenneth grahame – ★★★★★ || loved this, especially mr toad’s stories of stubbornness and conceitedness!
  • serious moonlight by jenn bennett – ★★★★ || i love jenn bennett’s books, and this one was just as fluffy as the others i’ve read. and i really liked the setting as well – i’d love to visit seattle someday.
  • when marnie was there by joan g. robinson – ★★★★★ || this story was strange, in a beautiful way. (and i was not expecting that plot twist.)
  • kingdom cold by brittni chenelle – ★★★.5 || a diverse fantasy retelling of the arthurian legend 😀 i really enjoyed it. [my review]


i wrote seven posts in july, which is a pretty good amount if i do say so myself. however, i originally planned to vlog for the reading rush, but for some reason my camera wasn’t working, so everything came out super blurry :(( i guess i’ll do it again next time when i get a better camera.

here are the posts i wrote in july:

and here are some posts by other bloggers which i really liked:

i’d also like to take this opportunity to thank feedspot for including marshmallow pudding on their top 100 hong kong blogs list. ❤


to be honest, i’ve completely forgotten everything that has happened in july, so i had to scroll through my camera roll and see what pictures i took to recall my memory. from what i see, not much happened, so here’s a really brief list of what went on last month:

  • i got my hair cut (i haven’t gotten my hair cut since last year!)
  • i went to a senior-junior student bonding camp with some of my friends
  • i drank lots of boba 😀
  • i went to a seven-day camp for aspiring healthcare professionals, and learnt a lot
  • i met up with my friends and we played board games
  • i attempted (and failed) to do my summer homework

so you see, it was a really uneventful month.

how was your july? did anything interesting happen? what did you read? let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “monthly marshmallows – july 2019

  1. My brain is trying to compute the number of books you read last month, esp in comparison to me 😂 Ahhhh I’m so glad you liked Serious Moonlight! I can’t believe I haven’t picked it up yet, but I’m trying to be good with my budget & haven’t done a decent haul in ages 😢 Thank you so much for mentioning our post, Chloe!! You’re the sweetest 😘

    💛 Ngoc

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it’s so crazy how much i read in july – but because of that i couldn’t really do much studying. i guess that’s the difference between the average person and a med student like you! 😂 i hope to study medicine in university one day, so i guess i’ll have to cut down on my leisure reading time.
      i can’t wait for you to read serious moonlight – it’s so, so sweet and i’m sure you would love it. it’s good to be careful with money though – i always spend my pocket money recklessly and my mom said if i was an adult i would be so screwed, hahaha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahahaha honestly you’re making us out to be a LOT more efficient with our time than we actually are 😂 We could definitely get more work done if we stopped getting distracted by books, the Bachelor & food 😛

        YESSS I’m sure I will, I’ve had a pretty good run with all of Jenn Bennet’s books so far!


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