monthly marshmallows – october 2019

october was a very exhausting month. i still hadn’t fully gotten used to going back to school again, but the teachers seemed to have decided that since i’d already been given a month to adjust, they could start piling work upon me. SCHOOL IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST.

miranda sings is literally me

to look on the brighter side of things – my sister, who goes to boarding school in england, came home for a week during her half term break! i missed her so much (the seven-hour time difference makes it hard to video chat) and i was overjoyed to see her again. she brought me batchelors cup a soup packets and scrunchies (boarding school has turned her into a full-fledged vsco girl, apparently) all the way from the uk, and also couldn’t stop talking about the activities at her school, which was like something out of mallory towers. 9-year-old chloe would have seethed with envy. i’m so glad she’s fitting in well at her new school and i can’t wait for her to come home for christmas!

another highlight of the month was the show my classmates and i put on for our school. it was originally scheduled to be on october 4th, but due to technical difficulties (ie. the overhead stage lights were literally swinging side to side and the teachers told us they would fall down and kill us unless a technician came and fixed it), it got postponed to the week after. we were disappointed, of course, but deep down we were also relieved that we got to have one more week to prepare our performance. we spent a lot time and effort on the show and everything was so worth it in the end – the whole school loved it, and even the principal was impressed.

a day after the show, i sat the ielts test, and oh my gosh, it was such a excruciatingly slow and tiring experience. after i got my photograph taken for the test report, i was instructed to enter the examination room, where i waited for around twenty minutes until all of the candidates were seated. i was so bored, i started reading the small text on my identity card. after that we took the listening and reading tests, which i was pretty confident in (two band 9s in the end!) and then the written test (two essays in one hour. my hand cramped for a whole day after that), which i did okay in, and at last, the speaking test, where i was asked random questions by an examiner who looked like a pirate and wore a fake smile on his face. i wasn’t completely sure about how well i did, but in the end i got an average score of 8, and i’m really pleased with my results πŸ˜€

i only read six books in october, which is a pretty small number considering that in previous months i managed to read at least ten. i said it before and i will say it again, SCHOOL IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST.

i was sent an advanced readers copy of how to build a heart, and it’s one of my favorite reads this year. i loved the parts about habitat for humanity and how much respect and love there is in the protagonist’s relationship with her boyfriend. the dark lord clementine is an adorable middle grade story about a girl who finds out that evil might not be her thing after all, and the character development is absolutely amazing. i then participated in the dragon warrior blog tour, hosted by shealea @ shut up, shealea, and the book was so good – it was such a refreshing reading experience for me, seeing the stories i grew up with portrayed in a different light. i also read peony in love for english class, and was absolutely horrified by how in ancient china, women had to be completely obedient to their parents and husbands. naked mole rat saves the world is a odd little story which i didn’t really understand, so i didn’t really enjoy it that much. and at the end of the month, i read me before you – at first i didn’t really like it since the main characters are super rude to each other, but then they start to grow closer and i loved seeing their friendship develop.

(that was one heck of a paragraph. sorry if i overwhelmed you with my jumbled thoughts.)

so that was my october πŸ˜€ sorry for the cluttered format – i wanted to give this passage style a try instead of dividing my wrap-up post into several sections like what i did before. let me know which one you prefer in the comments!

how was your october? did anything cool happen? what did you read? let me know in the comments!


12 thoughts on “monthly marshmallows – october 2019

  1. Ahh October for me passed by sooo fast!! (because of school yeah but at least I had fun so??)

    Ooh what kind of show was it? Was it a dance one? Or was it like a skit or a play? I’m curious πŸ™‚

    Haha these days even in a month where I don’t have much to do I don’t know if I can read 6 books in a month!!

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    1. i’m so glad you had fun at school!
      our performance was a mixture of dancing and singing – it’s actually a tradition in our school to have students in their second last year of secondary school put on a show to showcase their talents, and so we tried our best to include different kinds of acts. it was such a fun experience!
      and to be honest, reading at a slower pace might actually be better, because when i read book after book without any breaks in between, i tend to forgot everything about the story, and that makes me so frustrated, especially if the book’s part of a series! no matter how many books you pick up this month, happy reading and have a great november πŸ˜€

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  2. ooof school is a big mood but i’m glad to hear that your performance went well!! i’m glad that you are happy with your exam score too ❀ i think it's still so amazing that you finished 6 books this month with everything going on. you should be super proud!!

    i hope you november is even more amazing πŸ™‚ happy reading~!

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  3. Yeah for a successful show and your sister coming home. I loved the Me Before You books. I read all three, and Lou is definitely on my list of favorite characters. I am excited that you liked How to Build a Heart. I have that coming up soon, and it seems like it lived up to the synopsis.

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    1. to be honest i’m a little afraid of continuing with the series because of what happened at the end of the first book – i could not imagine how the story would continue with such a huge change in the last few pages. i’m so excited for you to read how to build a heart, and i can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it! happy reading πŸ˜€


      1. The series is really about Lou, and the other two books are her healing from the loss of Will. It’s her moving on, but also kind of honoring him by finding her path in life. I was a fan.

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  4. seems like you’ve been busy in october! i’m going to take an ielts test this month (or in december) and i’m kinda dreading it ahaha. i’ve heard a lot of great things about dark lord clementine and the dragon warrior, i’m looking forward to read them!

    have a wonderful november!

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    1. good luck on the ielts! you’ll totally ace it ❀ and i can't wait for you to read the dark lord clementine and the dragon warrior, they are such amazing books, i think you'll love them! i hope you'll have a great november as well πŸ™‚


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