the waffle book tag

waffles are waffley delicious. (i’m a pun queen. ♛)

i haven’t always liked waffles. however, that changed when i visited their place of origin – belgium. there’s a two-storey waffle place near the hotel we were staying at, and my parents wanted to go there for breakfast, so we sat down and ordered some waffles with toppings of our own choice. i ended up enjoying my waffle so much, i insisted that we went back the very next day!

so i was overjoyed when jenna @ bookmark your thoughts nominated me to do the waffle book tag! thank you so much, jenna ❤ the waffle book tag is the original creation of kat @ novels & waffles, and here are the rules, taken from her blog:

link back to the original creator, kat @ novels & waffles. (already did!)

2. feel free to use any of the waffle graphics in this post, just make sure to credit me (pretty pretty please with lots of maple syrup on top).

3. tag as many people as you want (or don’t want) to. no pressure here, folks!


Pride and Prejudice

for so long i’ve heard people give pride and prejudice positive comments, but since i used to have a bad impression of classic novels (i thought they were boring and out of date), i was reluctant to give it a try. last year we had to read it for english class, and that’s when i finally picked it up. AND I LOVED IT SO MUCH. it’s basically an 18th century version of a fluffy rom-com and i really enjoyed it.

i guess you can say that my experience with pride and prejudice is somehow similar to that with waffles – i didn’t really find it that appealing at first, but when i finally tried it, i grew to love it.

chloe in brussels, belgium with a brussels waffle ; 18 august 2019
liège waffle in brussels, belgium ; photo taken on 19 august 2019


Radio Silence

radio silence by alice oseman is the most wholesome book i’ve ever read. i absolutely loved frances and aled’s friendship, which unlike the platonic relationships in many other young adult novels, doesn’t turn romantic!! honestly though, i love the friend-to-lover cliché, but we need more friendships like this in young adult novels. the lgbtq+ and poc representation in this book was also totally amazing.


The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1)

i still clearly remember picking up my mom’s battered copy of the lightning thief (percy jackson #1) back when i was a primary school student. i still can’t figure out why she had the book, since she has always claimed to dislike the young adult genre with a burning passion 😂 the lightning thief is the first young adult book i’ve ever read on my own, and i was so engrossed in it, i even developed a major crush on percy. this book will always hold a special place in my heart, and i feel nostalgic every time i reread it.


Anna and the French Kiss (Anna and the French Kiss, #1)

this is such a tough question, but i guess i’ll go with étienne st. clair from anna and the french kiss! he is super nice and sweet to everyone, and i loved how welcoming and outgoing he is towards anna when she transfers to his school – he always makes sure to include her in every conversation and not make her feel left out, and shows her around paris to help her adapt to the new environment. and he’s also a really thoughtful person – he knows it isn’t easy for anna to study in an unfamiliar country, so he tries his best to make her feel at home, from celebrating thanksgiving together to taking her to watch her favorite movies. st. clair is literally the human equivalent of a chocolate waffle.


Crossing Ebenezer Creek

i recently read crossing ebenezer creek. this historical novel is about an obscure chapter in american history – the betrayal at ebenezer creek, where many freed slaves hoping for a better life, after marching for days, weeks or even months with the union army throughout sherman’s march to the sea, were abandoned by davis, a union corps general. after the soldiers crossed the creek, they cut the pontoon bridge they previously set up loose, and left the freedmen to drown and die, or be enslaved once more. it angered me that this incident is little-known and not often talked about, and made me reflect on modern racism. to sum up my thoughts, i will include one of my favorite quotes from the book:

if goodness was like mint…

…”it’ll spread if it ain’t hedged,” her ma explained, then told her how mint roots roam under the soil and send up shoots inches, feet away, making more roots, and those roots then roam, send up shoots, making new roots. “and up comes more mint. If i don’t wall it off, mint will take over the garden. we’ll wind up with no corn and cabbages, no beans and tomatoes, no peppers, no goosefoot, no squash, no okra.”

crossing ebenezer creek by tonya bolden

what a wonderful world this would be, if goodness was like mint and we passed on the kindness others give us instead of spreading hate around ♡


The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

the ones who walk away from omelas by ursula k. le guin is an odd little story about a peaceful, happy kingdom called omelas. this book is a little strange and unlike anything i’ve ever read before, but i loved the symbolism so much! behind the inhabitants’ happiness is a cruel secret, and when some of them find out about it, they leave the kingdom without turning back. this story made me think – is the easy choice always the right one? should we choose to be happy at the expense of the happiness of others? in just eight pages, the author tells a story that is both thought-inspiring and a reflection of some of the terrible things going on in the real world. this is an all-time favorite of mine 🙂


The Chronicles of Narnia (Chronicles of Narnia, #1-7)

when i was a small kid, my mom took my sister and i to the public library every week to find books to take home – some for us to read on our own, and some for her to read to us before bed. i remember every night, my sister and i would quickly brush our teeth and gather in our shared bedroom for our favorite the chronicles of narnia storytelling sessions. my mom read us the first few books in the series – from the magician’s nephew to the voyage of the dawn treader, and when we got to the middle of the silver chair i grew out of being read to, so i read the rest of the series of my own. i grew up with the narnia series and the books were a huge part of my childhood. funnily enough, it is also one of the few series i’ve stuck with until the very end ❤


do funko pops count? i love collecting bookish funko pops, especially the harry potter ones, and they always look so good in bookish photography. 😀 they cost a lot where i live, but i’m willing to pay the price because oh my gosh, they are so adorable!

i tag…
miri @ the book dragoness
zoie @ whisked away by words
tasya @ the literary huntress

… and to anyone who wants to do this, consider yourself tagged as well!

what’s your favorite type of waffle (and waffle topping)? for me, the answer would be a classic belgium waffle with syrup, a movenpick vanilla ice cream scoop, and whipped cream! ♡


12 thoughts on “the waffle book tag

    1. aahhh yes they look and taste absolutely delicious! too bad i can’t find a good waffle place where i live 😦 i hope you’ll give crossing ebenezer creek a try! i was a bit hesitant at first because it’s not the type of book i’d usually go for, but i’m so glad i picked it up because the chapter of history ia based on is something i haven’t read about in other books before.


  1. I prefer pancakes, but I also love waffles haha! I usually use sweet toppings instead of salty ones though. PJO is a really nostalgic for me, not only for the books but because so much of my school friends also really enjoyed it. We even had a role playing as greek pantheon haha. Funko pops are my favorite bookish accessories too!

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    1. oh my god i love pancakes too – especially the japanese soufflé ones! i haven’t actually tried waffles with salty toppings before, and would love to try them someday 😀
      role-playing as characters sounds like such a fun thing to do, especially if it’s based on the pjo series! my friends and i don’t really do role play, but we like yelling harry potter spells at each other at totally random moments 😂
      and i’m so glad someone loves funko pops as much as i do!


    1. aww thank you tiffany ❤ i'm so glad we share the same reading taste – pride and prejudice is honestly one of the best books i’ve ever read, and the pjo books just ~radiate nostalgia~. i actually found out about funko pops because of my friends, who are huge movie nerds, and when i learned that they had funkos of book characters i just had to get them 😂 it’s always interesting seeing how people incorporate them into their bookish photography!

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  2. hii thank you for tagging me chloe ❤ and YOU'RE SO CUTE DID YOU KNOW ❤

    I remember reading Crossing Ebenezer Creek – it was so depressing but it left SUCH an impression on me it's unlikely I'll forget it for years to come!

    Waffles are so yummy!! I love them with maple syrup! Anyway I'm stoked to do this tag! Thank you again!

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