chiangmai, thailand on film

welcome back to another episode of chloe doesn’t know what she’s talking about!

i’ve always called marshmallow pudding “a literary and lifestyle blog”, because that’s the ultimate goal – to blog about the books i love (or hate, or have a love-hate relationship with) and the seemingly insignificant but beautiful things in life.

then i realized, other than monthly wrap-ups and short introductory paragraphs, i’ve never really blogged about things which aren’t related to books or reading, and that obviously has to change. because of this, i’ve decided to share photos taken on my film camera during my recent trip to chiangmai, thailand with you all ❤

don’t forget to read the descriptions to know more about the story behind each picture – simply click on each image!

have you ever tried film photography? do you prefer shooting on film or digital? have you been to chiangmai or other parts of thailand? let me know in the comments!


11 thoughts on “chiangmai, thailand on film

  1. These pictures are all STUNNING!!!! *heart eyes* And the fact that they were taken on your film camera is so, so cool. I loved reading the stories behind each picture and it looks like you had a great time in Chiangmai! Beautiful post ❤

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  2. Ahh thank you for sharing! These pictures are amazing ❤ So glad you and your family had fun and now I feel like I want to visit Thailand too!! 😀 What was the best part of your trip? was it Singha park?

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    1. thanks miri ❤ i really hope you get to visit thailand one day too, because it's an amazing country with really friendly people, and it also has the best cuisine! it's hard to pick a favorite among all the places i visited on this trip, but i guess i'll choose singha park 🙂 i fell in love with the place even more after doing further research online – apparently, on top of the bicycle trails and tea plantations, there's a zipline course too! i wish i'll have the chance to go back for a longer stay in the future.

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  3. i was just blog surfing (is that a thing?) and i stumbled across this post, and i’m just stunned – you are SO TALENTED with the camera ??? this was such a fun post to scroll/read through! thailand seems like such a wonderful place!! unfortunately, the only things i know about thailand are through the things my aunt bought for me on while she was on her honeymoon haha, but i hope i can go in person sometime!

    (also i’m still freaking about your skills with photography! they’re so stunning!!)

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    1. hello sara! yes, that is most definitely a thing (which i don’t do enough of, to be honest 🙈), and i’m so glad you liked my post. i’m still a newbie at film photography, and it means the world to me that someone actually likes my pictures! thailand is an incredible country, with the best food and scenery, and i really hope you’ll get to experience that for yourself someday ❤ also, it's so awesome that your aunt traveled to thailand for her honeymoon – if my future husband lets me pick, that's definitely where we'll be going too 😀


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