monthly marshmallows – march & april 2020

these! two! months! i won’t be going into detail about the pandemic situation, but my heart goes out to everyone affected, especially all the medical personnel and essential workers who are working hard despite the risk. i hope everyone is staying safe, and please remember that there will definitely be an end to all of this. ❤

i spent my march and april going on spontaneous hikes, eating homemade japanese soufflé pancakes for breakfast, and as per usual, attending online lessons and completing my school work. also, my further studies counselor told me to hand in the first draft of my university personal statement by the end of april, and i spent a lot of my time rewriting it over and over again. just the thought of university makes me internally freak out – i still feel like a child!

in march, i finally got the last film roll from my chiangmai trip processed and scanned! i only used around 25% of the roll in thailand, and i wanted to finish the rest and get the pictures back as soon as possible. however, due to the virus situation i couldn’t go out that much anymore, so i started snapping random photographs at home.

i started experimenting with instagram story filters, and made a few of my own! in the beginning, i tried to make an ar face sticker but failed miserably, so i decided to stick with color presets. my computer kept overheating and almost crashed every time it ran the application used to create the filters, but it was still worth it because the process was a lot of fun!

i also signed up for a volunteering program, in which i tutored kids on zoom. many of them were having problems understanding what’s being taught in class because the online schooling arrangements have made it a lot harder for them to interact with their teachers, and i had to teach them from scratch almost every time. it was a huge challenge for me, but it made me happy knowing that my tutoring could help the kids perform better in class.

after that, i had my very first internship at a local law firm. due to the virus situation, the courts were closed, so i couldn’t tag along on hearings. fortunately, the solicitors were all really friendly and tried their very best to teach me about legal advice and law documents, and i even had the chance to draft some wills and letters of surrender of tenancy. it was a really eye-opening experience for me, and i hope to return in the summer and hopefully learn more about litigation work.

over these two months, i read a total of 37 books.

during this period, i tried my best to read more legal books, because i desperately needed material for my personal statement. i then binge read the paper girls series in one go, and loved everything about it – the diversity! the color palette!! the world-building!!! everything’s just perfect ♡ i also revisited an old favorite – the gallagher girls series. as a kid, i could never keep track of which of the books i’ve read and which ones i haven’t because i didn’t read them in order. i’m so glad i decided to do this reread because i now understand and love the whole story a lot better.

in march, i started watching zoey’s extraordinary playlist, which was a delightful mix of spontaneous musical numbers, family love, incredible friendships, and workplace drama. the show was so fun to watch, and one of my favorite things about it was mo’s (played by alex newell, who has a beautiful singing voice, by the way) fabulous outfits. check them out for yourself:

the season finale also made me cry. i have nothing more to say except: PLEASE GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW THIS IS SUCH AN UNDERRATED SHOW.

i also watched léon: the professional for the first time! to be honest, it wasn’t really my first time, because it’s a classic and i’ve seen little snippets of it on the internet before i finally decided to give it a try. i don’t watch a lot of thriller movies, so the intensity of the fight scenes took a bit of getting used to, but i ended up really enjoying them. i also loved the special relationship between léon and mathilda, and how protective he is, which is all the more apparent after seeing that her own father never cared much about her. on top of that, the backdrops used were so pretty, and i wasn’t the least bit surprised when i read that part of the film was made in paris.

i’ve seen numerous glowing reviews of euphoria online, and after watching the whole season, i can now say that i’m officially part of the fan club. i loved the purple lights, glittery makeup and lazy town bike rides, which isn’t all that surprising since this show’s known for its amazing aesthetic. serious topics like mental health, toxic masculinity, body shaming, gender dysphoria and substance abuse are also handled so well, and i really liked how each episode focuses on one character and goes into depth about what they have been through and how they have been dealing with it.

i then binged all 3.5 seasons of rick & morty. many of my friends are fans of the show, and now i finally understand why they love it so much. it’s so mindblowing – the alternate realities, the crazy theories and the unsolved mysteries were totally messing with my head (in a good way), and the dark humor’s also absolutely brilliant.

a little note: my 1st blogiversary is coming up soon, so if you have any questions for me, please fill in the form below please please please don’t let this flop. i’ll be answering them in my blogiversary post – stay tuned :))

how was your march / april? did anything cool happen? what did you read? did you watch any good movies or tv shows? let me know in the comments!


10 thoughts on “monthly marshmallows – march & april 2020

  1. hey chloe! hope you’re safe and healthy ❤
    university freaks me out too! i have a year-ish left of high school, and i'm simultaneous excited and terrified haha. good luck with your law studies! you've read a lot these last two months, wow! i haven't read anything new and have basically drowned myself in comfort books, so you're doing a lot better with me!
    as for the shows you've recommended – i haven't seen any of them! but i'll definitely check them out this month, esp since school is letting out and i'll have more time 😀

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    1. same! i have around one year of secondary school left before i head off to university, and i totally understand how you’re feeling – on the one hand, university means more freedom and studying subjects that i am genuinely interested in, but on the other hand, it’s so intimidating. and for me, the application process is just tedious, to say the least.
      also, comfort books are so important, especially at times like these. revisiting old favorites always works wonders 🙂
      i cannot wait to see what you think of the shows, and i hope you’re safe and healthy too.


  2. you read so many amazing books!! omg i’m so tempted to reread the gallagher girls series now ❤ i actually cleaned my bookshelf and now i'm feeling so nostalgic for them! cammie and zach were SO CUTE!

    also your fluffy pancakes look so yummy!! i also didn't know you made IG story filters! i'll definitely check them out ❤ i hope you have a lovely may, chloe!!

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    1. i hope you reread the gg books, and if you do, i am looking forward to seeing what you think! when reading the second book, i was kind of bummed that cammie and josh have broken up, so it took me some time to warm up to zach. 😂 but i agree – cammie and zach are so adorable together, and i ended up forgetting all about josh and full-on shipping cammie and zach.
      the fluffy pancakes were as yummy as they looked ❤ i hope you have a lovely (😂 last week of) may too!

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  3. This is awesome!! your pictures are always so aesthetic 🥺and omggg when you said the gallagher (I definitely spelt that wrong) girls I was thrown back a few years! I loved those books!!! I also totally freak out about uni. I’m graduating this year and starting in a few months and I cannot believe it’s happening! Good luck for your personal statments, that was death for me. Congrats for your internship and CONGRATS on reading so many books it’s insane!!! Great post ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you sofia 🙂 i’m so excited for you! university is going to be so fun, but i feel you on the freaking out part. i’m applying to uk universities through the ucas system, so i only have to write a 400-character statement for all five universities i’m applying to, but it still feels so stressful 😢😭 and don’t get me started on the aptitude tests! i’m so happy all of that is over for you now. ❤

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  4. that’s so sweet about tutoring kids on Zoom. 😊 i’m sorry to hear that a lot of life events were canceled for you, but you read SO many books omg!! and all the shows you watched sound great, i definitely have to check them out.

    the photos you took are so pretty!! 😍😍 i just sent you a question and can’t wait for your q&a as well. i loved reading this post, it was so aesthetic and relaxing, and i hope you’re having a beautiful May so far 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i’m so excited for you to watch the shows, especially zoey’s extraordinary playlist – it’s so wholesome and made me feel ~all kinds of emotions~. thanks for sending me the question for my q&a and i hope you have an amazing (remainder of) may too ❤ stay safe!

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  5. wow your photos are so pretty!! I will definitely check out your Instagram filters, they look so nice! I haven’t watched a ton of TV shows but Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist sounds really interesting – I’ll probably need something to watch once college officially ends this week 😬
    also the souffle pancakes look AMAZING – I’ve been so scared to try them 😅

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    1. thanks riv ❤ and again, congratulations on your graduation!
      i really really hope you give zoey’s extraordinary playlist a try. it’s so fun, heartwarming and diverse, and the finalé literally made me cry 😭 also, soufflé pancakes are so good – they’re like a combination of pudding and regular pancakes, and the texture is simply amazing. i was a bit scared to try them too, but they’re all the rage in hong kong, so i gave in to peer pressure 😂 i hope you try the pancakes and i’m sure you’d like them!


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