my nominations for the fourth annual #2020bookbloggerawards!

hello everyone! welcome to my nomination post for the fourth annual book blogger awards ❤

this year’s book blogger awards are co-hosted by may @ forever and everly and marie @ drizzle and hurricane books, and the official graphics are created by kat @ novels and waffles. our community is what makes blogging so fun and rewarding, and i’d like to take this meaningful opportunity to shout out some of my absolute favorite book bloggers!

(while award nominations are great, please remember that they DO NOT measure your worth as a blogger ❤ if you’re not included in this post, i hope you still know how amazing you are, and that i appreciate you for all that you’ve done for the book blogging community!)

first and foremost… a little note from chloe:
below are some useful resources and things you can do to help uplift and demand justice for the black community (let me know if there are any other useful links / resources i can add to the list):
a summary of what’s happening and what you can do to help –
read up on black history –
stream this video (ad revenue will be donated, do not skip ads) –
donate to the george floyd gofundme –
donate to the ahmaud arbery gofundme –
donate to the breonna taylor and david mcatee gofundme –
donate to the elijah mcclain gofundme –


ash @ starlight strands (under 500) – ash is the epitome of “though she be but little, she is fierce”. although she’s one of the younger members of the book blogging community, her posts are always thought-provoking and well put together, and i enjoy reading them a lot. she also has the best reading taste, shares my love for diverse middle grade novels, and often features them in her recommendation posts.


tiffany @ read by tiffany is one of the bloggers i look up to the most. she’s been so exceptionally strong during these difficult times, and graduated university magna cum laude despite how hard it has been for her and her family. on top of this, she has continued to create high quality bookish content on not one, but two platforms – her blog posts and videos are always overflowing with her passion and love for the books she’s read, and they never fail to put me in a better mood.


Paper Fury

cait @ paper fury writes the best book reviews, which are always well-articulated, humorous, and fun to read, and are guaranteed to leave you with a huge goofy smile on your face. before reading her reviews, i’ve always seen book reviews as another word for book reports (you know, like the ones you’re required to write for school!), but after coming across her blog, i started seeing writing book reviews as a fun thing to do rather than a chore, and was inspired to start my very first book blog!


jo @ words fire consumes‘s (under 500) blogging voice and style has matured so much and so beautifully, and her discussion posts are one of my favorite things to read. jo doesn’t look for a large audience, but instead enjoys the peace and quiet of blogging for herself, so her discussion posts always read like personal reflections. it’s interesting to see how different book lovers approach reading, and jo’s discussions always make me think about what i should pay more attention to the next time i pick up a book.


rhi @ marshmallow harmonies‘s (under 500) (see! i did tell you that i’d be nominating someone other than myself who also posts on a marshmallow blog :D) personality shines through every single one of her posts, and i really like how she often punctuates her sentences with exclamation marks, because it always feels like she’s enthusiastically talking to me when i read her posts. we have very similar reading preferences too – i’m always able to find potential favorites among the books she mentions in her recommendation posts and book lists, which are the absolute best. (also, on an unrelated note, she loves taylor swift and lorde, so obviously she has very good music taste.)


xandra @ starry sky books has a whole series of tutorial posts for book bloggers, from the attachment of spoiler warnings and doing blog hopping properly, to how you can take pretty photographs of digital book covers and juggle your time between school and blogging. xandra is extremely helpful and i wish i’d found her posts earlier when i first started blogging! i also cannot wait to try out her bookstagram tips, because i recently revived my bookstagram, and i never know what to do as i mostly read on my kindle and don’t own that many physical books 😂


on the very rare (i’m trying my best, i really am) occasion that i go blog hopping, i always spot charis @ charis rae in the comments section. charis is a beam of bright, golden sunshine and happiness in the book blogging community – she brings her positivity with her everywhere she goes, and spreads it around the blogiverse like fairy dust (believe me when i say this, because i have been on the receiving end of it, and reading her comments always feels super magical).


Small Stained Pages

rivalie @ small stained pages (under 500) has one of the prettiest blogs i’ve ever seen ❤ i am a sucker for pastel pink, floral graphics, and calligraphy fonts, which are all beautifully incorporated into the website design and display images on riv’s blog. in chinese, we have a common saying: 物似主人形, which roughly translates to “the object is like its owner”, and i guess it’s true in this case because riv is one of the sweetest bloggers i’ve met on the blogiverse – the human equivalent of flowers and soft pastels.


annie @ blossoms and bullet journals (under 500) is one of the most genuine and supportive bloggers i have had the pleasure of meeting in the book blogging community! she leaves the sweetest comments (i literally do a happy dance when i see them), and is always willing to lend a helping hand to other bloggers. she also makes the prettiest bujo spreads, so make sure to go and check those out!


sophie @ the moonchild pages (under 500) always comes up with the most original and creative ideas for her blog posts, which will completely blow your mind. i especially love her “#sincerelycreated” series, where she showcases diverse anticipated releases by recreating their covers. (if you’re interested, you can try the challenge! the rules are here.) having their books hyped up is one of the things many authors, especially those of marginalized identities, count on book bloggers and creators to help them with, and sophie does an amazing job with that! ❤


joce, skye and cw @ the quiet pond have always advocated for diverse literature in creative and interesting ways, and i really admire the hard work and effort they put into promoting diverse books, and uplifting the voices of marginalized authors and bookish creators. i am a huge fan of their “our friend is here” and “the pond book news” posts, not to mention cw’s amazing fanart for diverse books!


sara @ words with wings (under 500) – sara joined the book blogging community in may 2020, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the quality of her blog posts and her great blogging sense (is that a thing? you get what i mean, right?). i still remember starting my first book blog super confused, and it took me a long time to get things up and running. sara, however, managed to not only 1. realize that wix urls are ugly and wordpress is the place to be, but also 2. successfully requested and received arcs from major publishers and 3. wrote well-structured and interesting reviews. apart from this, sara is also a really nice person who’s super fun to talk with, and i wish her every success on her blogging journey!

who did you nominate for this year’s book blogger awards? please share the love in the comments and help me discover more bloggers ❤


12 thoughts on “my nominations for the fourth annual #2020bookbloggerawards!

  1. bringing literal tears of joy to my eyes. i don’t know what i did to deserve this community of so many lovely sweet people! thank you so so much chloe! this means so much coming from one of the bloggers i look up to <3333


  2. Love how everyone is spreading love through these awards. 😊💗 And, I also found some new blogs to check out and some I nominated myself. Great post and thanks for sharing!! Also: how cute are your illustrations?! I can’t- 😍


  3. i admire your blog so much, chloe, so seeing that you nominated me just made me 🥺🥺🥺 thank you so, SO much, you’re too kind and this made my entire day!!! 🥰💖 (diverse middle grade books are honestly the best, i’m so glad we both love them!) i love a lot of the bloggers you nominated, and can’t wait to check out the ones i haven’t heard of!! thank you again 😭❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. aaah thank you so, so, much for taking the time to nominate your favorite bloggers for the awards, so many great bloggers here!! 🥰💖


  5. Hallo, Hallo Chloe!

    I’m visiting with the book bloggers tonight I’ve found who have released the nominations on their lovely blogs – I’ve created a bit of a blogroll to follow under my own noms post tonight! This is my first year joining the event and the first time I’ve been a double-nominee! I love the community of this event – how everyone is coming together to talk about those of us whom support, encourage and inspire our readerly and blogging lives. I am looking forward to getting to know new book bloggers but also seeing who shares some of my own mutuals in common. If you’d like to visit, you’ll find my nominations post went live tonight though thankfully the official noms were turnt in this afternoon! (big smiles)

    I’ve been hearing good things about your blog and will be returning to check-out your content, too!


  6. Chloe, thank you so much for nominating me for Most Helpful!! 🥰🥰 I’m so honored that you went through my blogging tip posts and mentioned them here, and I hope they were helpful to you! 💖 I loved reading your nominations, and I can’t wait to read some of these blogs if I wasn’t following them before!


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