monthly marshmallows – june 2019

wow, guys, we’re already halfway through the year! to be honest, this is very scary exciting.

this is my first time writing a monthly wrap-up post since i moved blogs, and i think i’ve forgotten how to write one properly. so please, kindly forgive me if my words come out all jumbled up.

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mid-year freak out book tag ヽ(๏∀◕ )ノ i read books. some were good. some were… not.


do you hear that? that is the sound of me freaking out. because, you know, it’s the middle of the year. and freaking out is what book bloggers usually do at this time of year.

i stole this tag from amber @ the literary phoenix, who is one of my favorite bloggers, ever, and i have no idea where it’s originally from – if anyone knows, please comment down below and tell me! recently, i’ve been seeing this tag everywhere and in my two years of book blogging, i’ve never once tried it. to quote the words of the amazing emma watson, “if not now, when?” – today, i’ve decided to (finally) do the mid-year freak out book tag.

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chloe’s ultimate tokyo reading experience – book list

exactly three days from now, i’ll be on a flight bound for tokyo!

how i’m feeling right now

i was a tiny kid the last time i visited tokyo, and i don’t remember much about it. after reading marie lu’s warcross and ruth ozeki’s a tale for time being, i realized how little i knew about this great city – and how much i wanted to know more about it.

and when the chance came – six days off after my finals! – i begged my mom to let me go to tokyo. and, to my great surprise and delight, she agreed to let me go!

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