a life update no one asked for… on film

it’s so good to be back – i’m finally done with exams ❤ the marks i get this year will be used as my predicted grades (i.e. they will be sent to the universities i’m applying to), so i’m kind of nervous about getting the papers back – but that will be a problem for next week, so let’s not talk about that 🙂

i’m working on a few bookish posts which will hopefully be ready later this week, but for the time being, here’s a little life update brought to you by me and my newly acquired 35mm film point-and-shoot camera!

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book review – a song below water by bethany c. morrow

i received a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. all opinions below are my own.

this review is part of the a song below water blog tour hosted by jeanbooknerd. ♡

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book review – the talking drum by lisa braxton

i received a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. all opinions below are my own.

The Talking Drum by Lisa Braxton

Rating: 4 out of 5.

In 1971, the fictional city of Bellport, Massachusetts is in decline with an urban redevelopment project on the horizon. The project promises to transform the dying factory town into a thriving economic center, with a profound effect on its residents. Sydney Stallworth steps away her law degree in order to support her husband Malachi’s dream of opening a cultural center and bookstore in the heart of their black community, Liberty Hill. Across the street, Della Tolliver has built a fragile sanctuary for herself, boyfriend Kwamé Rodriguez, and daughter Jasmine, a troubled child prone to frequent outbursts.
Six blocks away and across the Bellport River Bridge lies Petite Africa, a lively neighborhood, where time moves slower and residents spill from run-down buildings onto the streets. Here Omar Bassari, an immigrant from Senegal known to locals as Drummer Man, dreams of being the next Duke Ellington, spreading his love of music and African culture across the world, even as his marriage crumbles around him and his neighborhood goes up in flames. An arsonist is on the loose. As more buildings burn, the communities are joined together and ripped apart. In Petite Africa, a struggling community fights for their homes, businesses, and culture. In Liberty Hill, others see opportunity and economic growth. As the pace of the suspicious fires pick up, the demolition date moves closer, and plans for gentrification are laid out, the residents find themselves at odds with a political system manipulating their lives.
“It’s a shame,” says Malachi, after a charged city council meeting, where residents of Petite Africa and Liberty Hill sit on opposing sides. “We do so much for Petite Africa. But still, we fight.”

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