monthly marshmallows – march & april 2020

these! two! months! i won’t be going into detail about the pandemic situation, but my heart goes out to everyone affected, especially all the medical personnel and essential workers who are working hard despite the risk. i hope everyone is staying safe, and please remember that there will definitely be an end to all of this. ❤

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(bi?)monthly marshmallows – january & february 2020

as the title suggests, january and february will be sharing the spotlight for this monthly (bimonthly?) wrap-up, and that is because i have been too busy recently to properly write anything. (junior year is no walk in the park D:) in hong kong, school is suspended because of the novel coronavirus epidemic. for the time being, we’re having video-call lessons, and still have to do presentations over the phone and turn in homework assignments on google classroom – believe it or not, we have even more work to do than in regular school.

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monthly marshmallows – november 2019

we’re now in the last month of the decade. my brain is still struggling to process this – i had no idea everything would pass by so quickly! i still haven’t finished writing my summer traveling diaries (they’ll be up on the blog soon… maybe next year 🙈), but winter is already upon us (it technically hasn’t begun yet but i’ve already gotten a bad cold because of the cool weather).

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