(bi?)monthly marshmallows – january & february 2020

as the title suggests, january and february will be sharing the spotlight for this monthly (bimonthly?) wrap-up, and that is because i have been too busy recently to properly write anything. (junior year is no walk in the park D:) in hong kong, school is suspended because of the novel coronavirus epidemic. for the time being, we’re having video-call lessons, and still have to do presentations over the phone and turn in homework assignments on google classroom – believe it or not, we have even more work to do than in regular school.

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chiangmai, thailand on film

welcome back to another episode of chloe doesn’t know what she’s talking about!

i’ve always called marshmallow pudding “a literary and lifestyle blog”, because that’s the ultimate goal – to blog about the books i love (or hate, or have a love-hate relationship with) and the seemingly insignificant but beautiful things in life.

then i realized, other than monthly wrap-ups and short introductory paragraphs, i’ve never really blogged about things which aren’t related to books or reading, and that obviously has to change. because of this, i’ve decided to share photos taken on my film camera during my recent trip to chiangmai, thailand with you all ❤

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chloe’s ultimate tokyo reading experience – travel diary

a little note: this post is a bit image-heavy, so i’d recommend reading it on my blog using a computer instead of viewing it on the wordpress reader or on your phone.

hello internet people! i’m back from my tokyo trip, and i can’t wait to share my experience with you all.

tokyo was, as expected, amazing. the streets were so clean and aesthetic, and the people there were really polite. also, the food was scrumptious (actually, i think i’ve gained a few pounds, lol.)

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