sweet sixteen ☽ thoughts, musings and ruminations

hello everyone, i’m sixteen now. *cue gasps

to celebrate my sixteenth birthday, here is a messy list of six things (let’s be honest, if i wrote sixteen things this post would be super long, and no one would have the patience to tolerate my rambling and stick until the end) i’m glad i did, and thankful for, before turning sixteen.

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chloe’s ultimate tokyo reading experience – book list

exactly three days from now, i’ll be on a flight bound for tokyo!

how i’m feeling right now

i was a tiny kid the last time i visited tokyo, and i don’t remember much about it. after reading marie lu’s warcross and ruth ozeki’s a tale for time being, i realized how little i knew about this great city – and how much i wanted to know more about it.

and when the chance came – six days off after my finals! – i begged my mom to let me go to tokyo. and, to my great surprise and delight, she agreed to let me go!

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